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Assurance and Compliance

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Assurance and Compliance

Optimize IT provides solutions to guarantee the compliance and security of IT environments and also makes its knowledge in licensing management processes available to its clients.
In this aspect, we offer our clients solutions that cover the aforementioned aspects.


The integration of new technologies in all areas of a company can be a headache. If your business is taking these big steps, at Optimize IT we have solutions that will allow you to add value to the capabilities and needs of your company.
IBM Spectrum Suite will help you:

Manage storage through software, take backups of any operating system and virtual machines. Building data lakes for AI or BI is no longer a problem. Optimize IT can help you with its specialists with whom we cover all aspects of the application life cycle: design, implementation, support and training.


IBM Security Guardium is a complete solution for protecting database environments and unstructured data

  • It allows you to monitor and census the activity of business databases and keep track of what events are occurring in critical environments for companies of all sizes and sectors.
  • Optimize IT has made it easier for private and public sector organizations to effectively understand and secure their information repositories.
  • Optimize IT has certified specialists to bring your IBM Guardium projects to success, we cover all aspects of the application life cycle: design, implementation, support and training.

Vali Mail

Optimize IT is a distributor of Valimail Defend, which is a deterministic, policy-based solution for validating sender identity to stop phishing.

  • Defend™ validates who emails are from to eliminate inbound phishing and BEC attacks without any false positives, probability scores, or AI/ML guesswork.
  • Defend leverages its robust policy enforcement engine, coupled with the world’s most comprehensive repository of validated domains, to give organizations the certainty that the only emails reaching the corporate inbox are those sent from domains and contacts. known and trusted.


Effective control of software assets is critical to protecting shrinking IT budgets. Hundreds of organizations pay high amounts of money every year as a result of audit processes that show a lack of management and control of this aspect of technological projects.

IBM licensing analysis

We offer advisory services and evaluation of the state of compliance with the IBM licensing terms and to understand the different metrics that comprise it so that you always remain in accordance with the state of your license. We help identify any existing gaps and establish actions that mitigate the future risk of fines or penalties by manufacturer.


Traditional endpoint security, including antivirus and signature-based protection, may not be enough. And yet, evidenced in the rise of extended detection and response (XDR), the endpoints are

essential for broader visibility across the enterprise, whether in the cloud, on servers or elsewhere. With the introduction of XDR, endpoint security needs to evolve to keep up.

Optimize IT brings in ReaQta to take advantage of exceptional levels of intelligent automation and AI to help detect and remediate known and unknown threats in real time. With granular endpoint visibility, it combines expected features such as MITER ATT&CK correlation and attack visualizations with dual-engine AI and automation to harden endpoint security in a zero-trust environment.

Optimize IT is an expert in licensing prevention and control and we can help your organization understand and effectively control the risks associated with implementing software licensing. We are specialists in the IBM License Metric tool, we can support the tool, implement it, train your team and manage your software assets on an ongoing basis.

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