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Information management

The integration of new technologies in all areas of a company can be a headache. If your business is taking these big steps, at Optimize IT we have solutions that will allow you to add value to your company’s capabilities and needs.
Information management is increasingly relevant for organizations; the ability to store, process and take advantage of the value of the data that is generated from the business operation day after day. Optimize IT delivers complete solutions for information management in the areas of backups, file systems, elastic storage and other aspects that will allow your business to maintain control over your data.

IBM Spectrum Suite

We are the leading IBM channel in the region in offering Software Defined Storage (SDS) solutions. For this, we rely on IBM Spectrum Suite, the most complete and mature suite on the market for SDS. Among the suite’s products are:

  • Spectrum Control and IBM Spectrum Insights
  • Spectrum Scale
  • Spectrum Protect & Spectrum Protect Plus
  • Spectrum Archive
  • Spectrum Discover
  • Spectrum Virtualize

IBM Spectrum Suite will help you:
Manage storage through software, take backups of any operating system and virtual machines. Building data lakes for AI or BI is no longer a problem. Optimize IT can help you with its specialists with whom we cover all aspects of the application life cycle: design, implementation, support and training.

Veeam Backup

Veeam Backup is a modern backup tool that makes it easy to protect information in all environments. It facilitates information management and has a simple and intuitive interface to use.

Veeam Backup protects all types of environments from small environments to the largest environments, making it easy to back up all workloads including physical servers, virtualized workloads, applications and cloud applications like Office 365.

With the advent of Universal License, it’s easier than ever to offer a simple environment to manage and maintain.

Optimize IT has certified specialists to bring your Veeam Backup projects to success, we cover all aspects of the application life cycle: design, implementation, support and training.

Veritas Backup Exec

Powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use backup and recovery for physical and virtual environments. Using modern technology, Backup Exec backs up local and remote data to virtually any storage device, including tape, disk, and the cloud. Optimize IT enables you to have this world-class solution properly implemented and managed to get the most out of your investment.


Acronis CyberBackup is the backup solution that provides businesses in all environments, but perhaps those in the SMB spectrum with the greatest emphasis, with simple data protection solutions through easy-to-use interfaces.

Acronis has built anti-ransomware data protection features and the power of blockchain through Acronis Notary into its solution to effectively protect data and ensure backup integrity.

With Acronis, your organization can keep backup costs in check while effectively ensuring data protection.

Optimize IT has certified specialists to bring your Acronis Backup projects to success, we cover all aspects of the application lifecycle: design, implementation, support and training.

IBM Power Solutions

IBM POWER is a symbol of stability, performance and resilience. IBM POWER solutions support the most demanding mission-critical loads in various industries.

Optimize IT has the qualifications and experience to implement POWER solutions efficiently and economically. Let us show you how POWER solutions support your IT modernization projects and why, where maximum stability and performance are required, POWER is the best choice.

Backup As a Service


Optimize IT can provide you with a cloud platform to manage your information backups, whether you have loads on premise or in the cloud, office 365, google workspace. Optimize IT can help your organization with its backup strategy.


Storage is the life support for business data. A good storage architecture allows you to anticipate information needs and use it as an asset in your business. Optimize IT has been a specialist since its foundation in traditional storage solutions, NAS, Object Storage and Parallel Filesystem, let us show you how these solutions help your organization take advantage of the new oil: the organization’s data
Whether they are all-flash, hybrid or traditional solutions; object-, block-, or file-based, Optimize IT can make your implementation a success.

Storage IBM

IBM storage has the best reputation in the market. From entry-level storage to software-defined systems, Optimize IT has the certifications to help you implement storage solutions painlessly. Some of the products in the portfolio are:

  • IBM Flash System
  • IBM Storwize
  • IBM Cloud Object Storage
  • IBM Spectrum Software

Storage Dell Technologies

In Dell solutions, Optimize IT has a wide range of solutions to help you with your needs. From storage for SMB to enterprise-grade and mission-critical solutions, Optimize IT can accompany you on your implementation journey. Some solutions in the portfolio are:

  • Dell Isilon
  • Dell PowerMax
  • Dell PowerStore
  • Dell PowerFlex
  • Dell PowerScale

Storage HPE

In HPE solutions, Optimize IT offers the highest range of solutions and supports each of your needs. In summary, the solutions we support are:

  • HPE 3PAR solutions
  • HPE Nimble Storage
  • HPE XP Series


Tape technologies have new and renewed uses with the accelerated growth of data in the organization. Whether in active archive, backup, or Information Lifecycle Manager, libraries remain the most cost effective item per TB of the entire enterprise storage segment.
Optimize IT has an important range of options to help your organization use this relevant technology in the best way.

IBM Bookstores

We support and market libraries:

  • IBM TS4300
  • IBM TS4500

And different media technologies from LTO4 to IBM proprietary technologies

Dell Bookstores

In Dell Technologies, we support and sell libraries: Dell PowerVault

HPE Libraries

At HPE technologies we support and market libraries:

  • HPE StoreEver

X86 servers

For X-86 solutions we support you with manufacturers such as:




We have achieved a 40% savings in backup and storage costs by using the appropriate technology for each data backup need.

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